Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Scar That Changed to Beauty...

     A little boy invited his mother to attend his school's first parent-teacher conference. To the little boy's dismay she agreed to go. He immediately felt that this would be the first time his classmates and his teachers would meet his mother and he somehow was embarrassed by her appearance. Although his mother was beautiful; she had a very prominent scar that covered nearly the entire right side of her face. The little boy never had the courage to talk about this scar either with his mom or anyone else. During the conference, he overheard the conversation between his mother and his teacher as he stood hiding a little far away from where his mom stood. In the course of their conversation, the teacher did ask his mother how she got her face scared. And his mother was telling her... When my son was a baby, suddenly one day the room he was in, caught fire. Nobody wanted to go in because the fire was out of control. At that moment, she rushed in. As she ran towards his crib, she saw a beam coming down and so she placed herself over her body to shield him. In the process, she was knocked unconscious and a fireman fortunately came in and saved both of them. She then went on to say that the scar would be permanent and she never regretted doing what she did.

     At that moment, the little boy hearing this ran up to his mother and hugged her with tears in his eyes. At once he felt an overwhelming sense of pride for his mother which changed his feelings for her, all at once. 

      In this story even the scarred appearance changed to beauty.



  1. This is just so beautiful.. Really it is.. Yeah, a mother's great love.. *speechless*

  2. If there is a thing I envy most of women is the wonderful fact of motherhood!

    There are no words, no comparisons to teach these feelings to anybody, one must experience them to know them, so, we males, are somewhat excluded from it, except for a brief glimpse when we look to our mothers!

    Thank you for this warm tale!

  3. It's such a beautiful story. A mother's genuine love.

  4. @krislin : Its a tribute to all Mothers ! :)
    thanx for always being no.1 here ! :D

    @Untony (odliam) : Such a nice n touchy comment ! thanx for sharing your view..
    keep visiting ! :)

    @Balqis :yeah..thats true ! Mothers' love is unconditional.

  5. Yes, I agree with you Manoj..:)

  6. really a touching story
    shows both side of d coin of mother's and his son psychology
    u write amazing stories jyotsna

  7. Thank you divya for putting your effort to check my older posts too :)