Monday, August 30, 2010

Tomato Story...

     A jobless man applied for the position of  'office boy' at Microsoft. The HR Manager interviewed him then watched him cleaning the floor as a test.
"You are employed," he said "Give me your e-mail address and I'll send you the application to fill in, as well as date when you may start."
The man replied, "But I don't have a computer, neither an e-mail."
"I'm sorry," said the HR Manager, "If you don't have an e-mail, that means you do not exist. And who doesn't exist, cannot have the job."

     The man left with no hope at all. He didn't know what to do with only $10 in his pocket. He then decided to go to the supermarket and buy a 10kg tomato crate. He then sold the tomatoes in a door to door round. In less than two hours, he succeeded to double his capital. He repeated the operation three times and returned hom with $60.

     The man realized that he can survive by this way, and started to go everyday earlier, and return late. Thus, his money doubled or tripled everyday.
     Shortly, he bought a cart, then a truck, and then he had his own fleet of delivery vehicles.
    5 years later, the man is one of the biggest food retailers in the US. He started to plan his family's future, and decided to have a Life Insurance.
     He called an Insurance broker, and chose a protection plan. When the conversation was concluded the broker asked his e-mail.
     The man replied, "I don't have an e-mail."
     The broker answered curiously, "You don't have an e-mail, and yet have succeeded to build an empire !" "Can you imagine what you could have been if you had an e-mail ?" The man thought for a while and replied, "Yes, I'd be an office boy at Microsoft !"

Moral 1

Internet is not the solution to your life.

Moral 2

If you don't have Internet, but work hard, you can be a millionaire.

Moral 3

If you are receiving messages by e-mail, you are closer to being an office boy/girl, than a millionaire. :)


It Matters......The Way You Communicate :)

     Jack and Max are walking from religious service. Jack wonders whether it would be alright to smoke while praying. Max replied, "Why don't you ask the Priest?" So Jack goes up to the Priest and asks, "Priest, may I smoke while I pray?" But the Priest says,  "No, my son, you may not. That's utter disrespect to our religion."

     Jack goes back to his friend and tells him what the good Priest told him. Max says, "I'm not surprised. You asked the wrong question. Let me try." And so Max goes up to the Priest and asks, "Priest, may I pray while I smoke?" To which the Priest eagerly replies, "By all means, my son. By all means."

Moral : The reply you get depends on the question you ask.

For Example : Can I work on this project while I'm on vacation? ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inspirational Winners...

     A group of sales people left town for a meeting and told their families they would be back home friday evening for supper. But as with meetings the way they are, one thing leads to another and they didn't finish on time. They were delayed and had to catch a flight.
     They came to the airport just at the last minute, with tickets in hand, and ran, hoping the plane hadn't departed. While running, one of them hit a table and on the table was a fruit basket. All the fruit got scattered and bruised but they didn't have time to stop. They kept running and made it to the plane and all of them breathed a sigh of relief that they had made it, except one. He got in touch with his feelings, got up, said good-bye to his friends and went. What he saw made him glad that he came out.
      He went to the table that was knocked down and behind the table was a ten years old blind girl who was selling the fruits to make a living. He said, " I hope we haven't ruined your day." He pulled out $10 from his pocket, handed it her and said, " This will take care of the fruits," and he left. The girl couldn't see what was going on ; all she could hear was the footsteps leaving. As the footsteps feded away, she shouted from behind, "Are you God?"
     He missed his flight but was he a winner? You bet. One can be a winner without a medal and one can be a loser with a medal if winning is not kept in perspective.

Good Example...

     A kindergarten teacher has decided to let her class play a game. The teacher told each child in the class to bring along a plastic bag containing a few potatoes. Each potato will be given a name of a person that the child hates,  so the number of potatoes that a child will put in his/her plastic bag will depend on the number of people he/she hates.
     So when the day came, every child brought some potatoes with the name of the people he/she hated. Some had 2 potatoes; some 3 ; while some up to 5 potaotes.
The teacher then told the children to carry with them the potatoes in the plastic bag wherever they go (even to the toilet) for 1 week. Days after days passed by, and the children started to complain due to the unpleasant smell let out by the rotten potatoes.

     Besides, those having 5 potatoes also had to carry heavier bags. After 1 week, the children were relieved because the game had finally ended.

     The teacher asked," How did you feel while carrying the potatoes with you for 1 week?" The children let out their frustrations and started complaining of the trouble that they had to go through having to carry the heavy and smelly potatoes wherever they go.

     Then the teacher told them the hidden meaning behind the game. The teacher said, "This is exactly the situation when you carry your hatred for somebody inside your heart. The stench of hatred in your heart, and you will carry it with you wherever you go. If you cannot tolerate the smell of rotten potatoes for just 1 week, can you imagine what is it like to have the stench of hatred in your heart for your lifetime?"

Moral of the story :

1) Throw away any hatred for anyone from your heart so that you not carry sins for a lifetime.
2) Forgiving others is the best attitude to take care for others even you don't like them.


Friday, August 27, 2010

God's Wife...

      A little boy about 10 years old was standing before a shoe store on the roadway, barefooted, peeping  through the window, and shivering with cold.
     A lady approached the boy and said, " My little fellow, why are you looking so earnestly in that window?" " I was asking God to give me a pair of shoes," was the boy's reply. The lady took him by the hand and went into the store and asked the clerk to get half a dozen pairs of socks for the boy. She then asked if he could give her a basin of water and a towel. He quickly brought them to her. She took the little fellow to the back part of the store and removing her gloves, knelt down, washed his little feet, and dried them with a towel. By this time the clerk had returned with the socks. Placing a pair upon the boy's feet, she purchased him a pair of shoes. She tied up the remaining pairs of  socks and gave them to him. She patted him on the head and said," No doubt, my little fellow, you feel more comfortable now?" As she turned to go, the astonished lad caught her by the hand, and looking up in her face, with tears in his eyes, answered the question with these words : "Are You God's Wife?"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chosen to clap and cheer...

     Whenever I'm disappointed with my spot in life, I stop and think about little Jamie Scott.
     Jamie was trying out for a part in a school play. His mother told me that  he'd set his heart on being in it, though she feared he would not be chosen. On the day the parts were awarded, went with her to collect him after school. Jamie rushed up to her, eyes shining with pride and excitement, "Guess what Mom,"  he shouted, and then said those words that will remain a lesson to me : "I've been chosen to clap and cheer."

Adopted Child Means...

     Teacher Debbie Moon's first graders were discussing a picture of a family. One little boy in the picture had a different colour hair than the other family members. One child suggested that he was adopted and a little girl said, " I know all about adoptions because I was adopted." " What does it mean to be adopted?" asked another child. "It means," said the girl, " that you grew in your mommy's heart instead of her tummy."

Caring Child...

     Author and Lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge. The purpose of the contest was to find the Most Caring Child.

     The winner was a four year old child whose next door neighbour was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife. Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman's yard, climbed onto his lap and just sat there. When his mother asked his what he had said to the neighbour, the little boy said, " Nothing, I just helped him cry."

No Limits...

     While a man was polishing his new car, his four year old son picked stone and scratched lines on the side of the car. In anger, the man took the child's hand and hit it many times, not realizing he was using a wrench.
     At the hospital, the child lost all his fingers due to multiple fractures. When the child say his father with painful eyes he  asked, " Dad, when will my fingers grow back?"
Man was so hurt and speechless. He went back to car and kicked it a lot of times.
Devastated by his own actions, sitting in front of that car he looked at the scratches, child had written "LOVE YOU DAD".
     The next day that man committed suicide...

     Anger and Love has No Limits. So let the river of life flow in Limits so that this fresh water stream is never scattered.