Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My First Award ! (not a story)... :-)

           It's a pleasant surprise for me to receive a 'One Lovely Blog Award' from a lovely blogger LiLing of Malaysia.  Thanks a lot LiLing ! I'm so touched and honoured to have been considered for this Award, despite the fact that we have just got acquainted with each other recently.   I love all her posts especially all video clips ! Do visit LiLing from 'Shadows Overhead' ...you'd love her blog.

     The idea of receiving an Award never came across my mind. This is my first Award :-) ... I'm so lucky...within 3 and a half months of  blogging , I've been selected for Editors Pick (Featured Blogger) and this Lovely Blog Award !  It really boosts n' encourages me and gives happiness as well as a sense of responsibility towards this bloggers world to maintain and do better work.

     Once again, thanks to LiLing for the lovely surprise !

     With regards to the award :

      Award Rules :

1.  Accept the Award. Check !

2.  Post it on their blog together with the name and link of the person who granted the Award. Check !

3.  Pass the Award to 15 other blogs that are newly discovered.  Hmm..its quite difficult... as I think all bloggers deserve this Award in their own way. :-)