Sunday, August 29, 2010

Inspirational Winners...

     A group of sales people left town for a meeting and told their families they would be back home friday evening for supper. But as with meetings the way they are, one thing leads to another and they didn't finish on time. They were delayed and had to catch a flight.
     They came to the airport just at the last minute, with tickets in hand, and ran, hoping the plane hadn't departed. While running, one of them hit a table and on the table was a fruit basket. All the fruit got scattered and bruised but they didn't have time to stop. They kept running and made it to the plane and all of them breathed a sigh of relief that they had made it, except one. He got in touch with his feelings, got up, said good-bye to his friends and went. What he saw made him glad that he came out.
      He went to the table that was knocked down and behind the table was a ten years old blind girl who was selling the fruits to make a living. He said, " I hope we haven't ruined your day." He pulled out $10 from his pocket, handed it her and said, " This will take care of the fruits," and he left. The girl couldn't see what was going on ; all she could hear was the footsteps leaving. As the footsteps feded away, she shouted from behind, "Are you God?"
     He missed his flight but was he a winner? You bet. One can be a winner without a medal and one can be a loser with a medal if winning is not kept in perspective.

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